måndag 23 oktober 2017

Art Journal: In the search for the treasure

it's time for an art journal made from a happy mail I've received.

I started by choosing an already colored paper. Then I die-cutted out backgroundpieces from the gold/glitter paper I got. Started to glue down some of the pieces in one corner. After that I fuzzy-cut out the chest and glued it also in that corner. I also glued down the diamond and the shells. After that I also attached the string over the page.  Next step was to glue another gold/glitter piece that I die-cutted out earlier in another corner. 

Then I colored the lace with some distress ink, and attached it to one of the sides. Next step was to take the money and wrinkle them, before I enhanced the wrinkles with some distress ink. I attached the money around the string with some glue dots. After that I added the punchinella over the page. Then on the brown paper I got I added a sentiment with some alphastickers. The words I cutted out and glued down to the page. I decorated more with the game pieces and a clockbrad. Finally I colored the sides with distress ink.

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