måndag 18 december 2017

Art Journal: Be brave with your life (step-by-step video)

it was time for a new art journal and a step-by-step video.

I started by gluing down clothestag on a watercolorpaper. Then I applied decorfabric with texturepaste. When it was dried I painted the page with white gesso. Next step was to color the page with watercolor. I hade three kind of different palettes, and used pink and purple.

Then I painted the page with dylusions paint around two stencils and the rest of the page. After that I draw lines around the stenciled areas with a white poscapen. Next step was to color the textured areas with inka gold in pink and purple tones. Then I scribbled in the colored areas with a black poscapen.

Finally I added some stickerquotes that I added some white lines around.

Step-by-step video

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